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Prescott Square Realty offers a variety of housing choices in one of Westchester County’s most prestigious suburbs.
The Bronxville property is located within walking distance of the Village Shopping area, the renowned public schools,
and the railroad station with a 28 minute commute to midtown Manhattan.

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Prescott Square Realty L.P. is a family owned and operated business. Its foundation began in the 1890’s when Major Alfred E. Latimer purchased the land on Sagamore Road.

In 1924 Mary Elizabeth Latimer and her sons, Lewis and Alfred, began to develop the property where earlier two single-family homes had been built. Ten town houses and thirteen garages were constructed during the 1920’s and a six story apartment house was finished in 1932.

Lewis struggled to keep the property from foreclosure during the depression and managed it until his death in 1960. After Mr. Latimer’s death, his son, Alfred F. Latimer II continued the family’s operation of the business. Prescott Square Realty L.P. is the Village’s primary rental property, offering residents a variety of upscale housing choices.

Today the business is managed by the family’s fourth generation, Susan Latimer Donovan and her husband, Thomas Donovan. We offer a unique community atmosphere that includes our apartment house, (28 units, 2 penthouse apartments), ten townhouses and two single family houses. The staff includes our Property Manager and apartment building superintendent who live on the property, along with our staff who maintain the premises during the week.

Town House

2 Bedroom – B Tier

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1 Bedroom – C Tier

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2 Bedroom – D Tier

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3 Bedroom – E Tier

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4 Bedroom – A Tier

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